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Kurt Vonnegut is my favourite writer ever. I’m rationing out the last few books of his that I haven’t read yet, and this week I decided to treat myself to Galapagos. This is a story about evolution. More particularly, it is the story about how the progenitors of the modern human race came to be stranded on the island of Santa Rosilia one million years ago, in 1986 C.E. It is pure Vonnegut – cynical and funny and joyous. It doesn’t quite reach the heights of Mother Night, The Sirens of Titan or Cat’s Cradle, but it’s still wonderful.


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The greatest writer, philosopher and (quite possibly) carbon based life form in human history was Kurt Vonnegut. While looking for something I came across this old Onion AV club article entitled 15 Things Kurt Vonnegut Said Better Than Anyone Else Ever Has Or Will

It reminded me, once again, how very much his writing has meant to me, and how very lucky we were to have him here on planet Earth, just for a little while.

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